• Number 10 Fieldfare - call on reinforcements from neighboring nest then attack by screeching straight at their enemy but drop a disgusting bomb from their bottoms if a crow keeps on coming; Their stink bombs can damage the water proof covering on the crow's feathers forcing the most persistent predator into a hasty retreat
  • Number 9 Tiger - when trying to ward off rivals, the tiger roars that can stun humans even though some of them are too low for us to hear; low frequency roars can be heard 8 kilometers away
  • Number 8 Archerfish - it fires water at it's prey by pressing its tongue against a groove in its mouth then snaps it's gills shut to launch a jet of water with remarkable accuracy; can calculate where it's prey will splash down; needs just 100 milliseconds to judge the catch to avoid losing it's catch
  • Number 7 Horned Lizard - acts like a rock when a tough predator arrives but increases it's blood pressure when the threat increases and then fires blood jets that go for nearly a meter from an opening in it's eye that sends predators packing with the chemicals inside the blood
  • Number 6 Whip Scorpion - glands in it's abdomen fire vinegar more than a half a meter in any direction; acts as a stream that is 17 more concentrated then the vinegar we use strong enough to burn the mouth of a mammal and eat through the shell of predatory bugs
  • Number 5 Tarantula - when it's bluff doesn't work, it fires a cloud of tiny hair darts flicked into the predator's face and the hairs can even get inside the nasal cavity; each species of tarantula chooses to target specific enemies
  • Number 4 Spitting Spider - fires out a sticky web from it's mouth and fangs in just 140 milliseconds; the silk is coated in glue and paralyzing venom and the fibers spray out in a zigzag pattern; can keep it's distance as it tracks it's prey thanks to its weapon
  • Number 3 Humpback Whale - they go fishing using a net made out of air and noise to herd and catch herring and others can join in as well; the net makes a deafening noise that panics the herring making them compact together while the humpbacks lunge at them
  • Number 2 Ant - forms a partnership with a plant and a fungus to catch prey a thousand times it's weight; weave the fibers of the hair of the plant onto a platform around the stem then spread the extract from the fungus over the framework which dries quickly; when another insect lands, the ants grab hold of it then kill the bug and dismember it
  • Number 1 Electric Eel - has a tail packed with up to 200,000 linked electro-chemical cells that can pack a punch stronger than sticking your finger in a power socket; it uses electricity for both hunting and defense; can knock down a horse and can kill a human with electric shocks; can navigate and locate small fish with low voltage electricty and kill with high voltage elctricity