• Number 10 Mouse - it breeds fast thanks to nice weather and an abundance of food
  • Number 9 Grunion - hundreds of thousands of them come ashore to mate
  • Number 8 Caribou - swarm all over the countryside with twice as many caribou as people in Alaska
  • Number 7 Bat - hard to find your own baby and hard to find good sanitation so they go out for a breathe of fresh air
  • Number 6 Red Crab - 500 people share Christmas Island with about 120 million red crabs that march out to sea to mate
  • Number 5 Jellyfish - every day, they mass together to swim from one side of the lake to the other
  • Number 4 Monarch Butterfly - can be 20 thousand on a branch and 220 million in a swarm
  • Number 3 Locust - lack in size but make up for in sheer weight of numbers; A single swarm can contain 40 billion insects that threaten at least 20% of the planet
  • Number 2 Krill - stick together in a swarm to stay out of trouble; Can be up to 2 million tons of krill; There are 100,000 krill for every single human
  • Number 1 Argentine Ant - form a super swarm to conquer the world by cooperating with each other

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