Survivors is the sixth episode of season one

  • Number 10 Camel - can adapt in the desert, carry up to 600 pounds for up to 10 hours, and its hump serves as a fuel supply in times of adversity; Can conserve water, lose 25% of its body weight and still survive, and go without a drink for 8 days
  • Number 9 Rat - they have to be tough because we try so hard to get rid of them and their diseases but they keep coming back for more. Why? They are incredible athletes with flexible skulls and strong jaws and can survive a fall from a great distance
  • Number 8 Gannet - it can survive hitting the sea at 140 kilometers per hour thanks to its clever design
  • Number 7 Guanaco - it's perfectly adapted for living in extreme heights
  • Number 6 Cockroach - they'll survive just about anything we throw at them thanks to their super sensitive antenna and extra brain
  • Number 5 Tube Worm - survives horrific conditions that could kill any other animal
  • Number 4 Polar Bear - During the four months of hibernation underground, she won't answer the call of nature but she turns the waste into protein
  • Number 3 Emperor Penguin - cuddle together with other males and their kids during a harsh winter without eating for 65 days
  • Number 2 Weta - it freezes solid in suspended animation during the winter and survives without frostbite and cell damage
  • Number 1 Water Bear - it is so tough, it can survive anywhere by curling up and dying until conditions improve