Super Senses is the ninth episode of season two

  • Number 10 Tarsier - has the biggest eyes in the world in proportion to its body that help the tarsier see in the dark and are literally bigger than its stomach
  • Number 9 Star-Nosed Mole - snout is covered with 2,000 touch receptors that can detect tiny vibrations in the soil; Tentacles on its nose is six times the sensitivity of the entire human hand
  • Number 8 Pig - they have a super sense of taste; Tongue is covered with 2,000 taste buds
  • Number 7 Dog - have an extreme sense of smell; Detect odors about 100,000 times better than us
  • Number 6 Moth - their antennae are covered with up to 40,000 scent detector cells and they detect the perfume of the female moth
  • Number 5 Elephant - have very big ears, can emit infra sound waves, and can sense vibrations through their feet
  • Number 4 Dolphin - can detect sounds far beyond our audible range by using ultrasound
  • Number 3 Snake - can feel vibrations through the ground and can taste with its tongue; They also have a sixth sense that can sense wavelengths of light and uses its prey's body heat to track it in a visual and thermal image
  • Number 2 Mantis Shrimp - has the most amazing eyes in the planet with 16 visual pigments including ultraviolet and polarized light
  • Number 1 Shark - has such an array of super senses: An extraordinary sense of smell and sight and can detect the electrical fields generated by all living creatures thanks to a network of volt meters tucked into pits around its mouth