Strength is the tenth episode of season one

  • Number 10 Bear: the strongest land mammal in North America; They love working out in the wilderness; Half of a bear's body weight is pure muscle
  • Number 9 Mussel: has hair mussels that glue onto rocks and hold onto them nice and strong
  • Number 8 Gorilla: more than a match for the strongest men on the planet, equivalent of a man lifting two family cars
  • Number 7 Anaconda: strong enough to squeeze the life out of anything by coiling around them; Can grow up to become long enough to wrap itself around a school bus
  • Number 6 Eagle: has to be strong if it wants to pluck food out of the rain forest; It can carry up to four times its own weight
  • Number 5 Ox: a pair can pull more than 900 kilograms across rugged terrain
  • Number 4 Tiger: biggest and strongest cat in the world; Can leap up over 6 meters and stand 3 meters tall
  • Number 3 Leafcutter Ant: can carry leaf slices that weigh in at more than 50 times its own weight, equivalent of a man lifting a truck
  • Number 2 Elephant: strongest land mammal on the planet; so strong that nothing stands in their way; Its trunk can lift more than 250 kilograms
  • Number 1 Rhinoceros Beetle: weight for weight, it's the strongest animal on the planet; Can lift 800 times its own weight; A lot of muscles combine with a strong skeleton, equivalent of a man lifting a tank