• Number 10 Basilisk - it can sprint on water at over 11 kilometers per hour
  • Number 9 Worm - it's the fastest thing on no legs at 15 meters per hour
  • Number 8 Hare - it carries less body weight than humans and is extremely flexible at 72 kilometers per hour
  • Number 6 Ostrich - 80 kilometers per hour
  • Number 5 Mako Shark - extreme speed that makes it ten times faster than the best Olympic swimmer at 48 kilometers per hour
  • Number 4 Cone Snail - it stabs with extreme speed with an even faster poison
  • Number 3 Cheetah - it can go from 0 to over 100 kilometers per hour in less than four seconds
  • Number 2 [Peregrine Falcon]] - it can dive at 320 kilometers per hour
  • Number 1 Tiger Beetle - it may go at 8 kilometers per hour but it finds extreme solutions to hunt down its prey.

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