Sharks are on 4 different episodes, and are #6 on Horrors, #4 on Predators, #1 on Super Senses, and #4 on Psychics. We are scared of sharks, because when you are under water, you can't see very well, and you can't move quickly to escape. That is why our imagination turn sharks into monsters. However, there are only 100 Shark attacks each year. Sharks only kill 4 people every year. They can detect tiny electrical bolts from creatures every time they move a muscle. However, they sometimes only eat once a week. They can however, predict hurricanes. Their senses can tell them if a hurricane is coming, and they migrate accordingly if one is coming.

  • If following the countdown of extreme Horrors, the next contender can swoop into your dreams and scare even the bravest souls.
  • If following the countdown of extreme Predators, the next contender make people fear the leader of the pack.
  • If following the countdown of extreme Psychics, here is a link to the next contender.