Rabbits are on 6 different episodes, and are #10 on Jumpers (Hare), #8 on Speed (Hare), #7 on Birth, #7 on Lovers, #6 on Global Conquerors, and #8 on Animal Myths (Hare). According to both Jumpers and Speed, their when they are sprinting their legs work like a spring of coiled wire that flexes and then pushers the rabbit forward. Not only does this make the Rabbit jump 10 times its body length, but it also goes twice the speed of a human, to spite the fact that they and humans both take four strides per second, a rabbits stride is twice as long. They also reproduce incredibly fast, as according to the episode Birth, it only takes until the age of 6 months to give birth, which they can then give birth every month 6 at a time for the next decade. Theoretically, a single pair of Rabbits can have 414 descendants in only a year. According to the episode Global Conquerors, a real life example involved Europeans, bringing 22 Rabbits into the new world to make them feel at home, which over the course of 20 years multiplied to 22million. Europeans tried to keep them from spreading by putting up a really long fence, but they just went under the fence and managed to invade 29 countries. Also according to the episode, Rabbits began their voyage back in Ancient Rome. They are also on Animal Myths, Myth: March Hares are mad. Result: True... Partially. They do go a little mad during the month of March, however though it is just the female trying to find the best father for her offspring. She will fight the males, either because she isn't ready to mate, or is testing his survival skills.

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