Pigs are on 4 different episodes, and are #9 on Gluttons, #8 on Smarts, #8 on Super Senses, and #8 on Cleaners. All four episodes that pigs are on, show a house nick-named "Pigtasea", which is a house that contains 18 different Pigs. According to both Gluttons and Super Senses, pigs are very picky eaters, and actually rejected 750 out of 1000 vegetables. This is even confirmed by the owners of the 18 Pigs, as they say that Pigstatio will not eat the green beans they feed him, and that some of their pigs wont even eat carrots, or even popcorn. They are on Thinkers, because pigs in the wild always have to be one step ahead of the big bad wolf, and the pigs in "Pigtasea", are able to "use a paint brush". Also according to Cleaners, pigs actually go in mud to clean themselves.