• Number 10 Proboscis Monkey - has to have an odd nose to attract females into his harem
  • Number 9 Stalk-eyed Fly - it really has its eyes way out on stocks; For female flies, size is everything
  • Number 8 Sloth - it does everything upside down in the trees
  • Number 7 Flying Fish - by thrashing its tail up to 50 times a second it can hit speeds of more than 50 kilometers per hour then it can glide on its enormous pectoral fins sometimes for more than the length of a football field
  • Number 6 Cassowary - it is extremely odd and extremely shy
  • Number 5 Horseshoe Crab - even though they are more than 200 million years older than dinosaurs, they are still a mystery to modern science
  • Number 3 Aye-Aye - it has become so specialized at extracting hidden grubs
  • Number 2 Platypus - it is so biologically bizarre and once you see it in action, it is actually a creature that specializes in hunting underwater
  • Number 1 Anglerfish - males take the ultimate love bite out of the large female and degenerates and fuse into the female; We thought the males were just strange lumps from the females; This strange relationship is fitting for a strange animal

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