Odd Couples is the eighteenth episode of season three

  • Number 10 Snapper and Tongue Biter - tongue biter replaces the tongue of the snapper it destroys; One-sided relationship
  • Number 9 Mussel and Bitterling - The female lays eggs in the Mussel to keep them safe. After a few weeks they leave to start life on their own.
  • Number 8 Hermit Crab and Sea Anemone - The Hermit Crab encourages the sea anemone to live on it's shell. The more anemones a Hermit Crab has, the changes that it survives and attack.
  • Number 7 Giraffe and Oxpecker - The Oxpecker eats the insects that irritate the giraffe.; The oxpecker gets food and the giraffe gets groomed
  • Number 6 Pistol Shrimp and Goby - the shrimp looks after the house while the goby looks out for predators; Rely on each other for survival
  • Number 5 Honeyguide and Honey Badger - uses it claws to get to the honey and distract the bees so that the honeyguide can get the honey after this badger gets its share
  • Number 4 Coyote and Badger - combine their speed and digging ability to catch prairie dogs
  • Number 3 Tarantula and Frog - frog keeps the nest free of insects that might want to eat the tarantula's eggs, and the tarantula lets the frog stay inside its nice room
  • Number 2 Tree Ant and Caterpillar - caterpillar bribes its worse enemy to make a successful partnership for both parties
  • Number 1 Greenland Shark and Copepod -  the copepod gives the shark a lure for this fish the shark feeds on