• Number 10 Alligator, Crocodile: there were stories of unwanted baby alligators flushed down the drain and people wanted to believe that they grew into giants that fed on sanitation workers; With strong jaws and their ability to hold their breath very long, they are very scary; Mentioned in movies and Egyptian mythology; Still crab our imagination
  • Number 9 Anaconda: First Europeans return from the S. American rain forests with the anaconda as a monster that can swallow in a single gulp; took a real stranglehold of our imagination; preys on other monsters; Can take on a caiman and win but we are seldom on the menu; We're prepared to believe to any story about a snake in the grass since day one; Only 10% of snakes in the world are venomous
  • Number 8 Tarantula: long been shrouded in a web of superstition and fear; For many people, all spiders are scary; Biggest and hairiest spiders in the world; Hunts with its size and snake; Some people are arachnophobia; It's bite can kill a snake but no more toxic than a bee sting; Like to hunt and hide in banana trees and were exported around the world; Hard time to get out of a reputation
  • Number 7 Shark: capable of completely clearing a beach; Been in so many movies that people are still afraid to go in the water; Sharks attack 100 humans around the world each year; Take only one bite then spit us out because we are too bony but can make a big hole in a human
  • Number 6 Bear: broke into almost a thousand cars and caused more than half a million dollars worth of damage in searches for food; Responsible for 130 fatalities in N. America alone for the last hundred years; We think they are always out to get us but they are most vegetarian
  • Number 5 Colossal Squid: scared sailors for centuries; make up stories about it because it has never been seen alive in the wild; jet propelled killers; Hunts in waters so deep and so cold that there is no chance of those mighty tentacles ever latching onto us
  • Number 4 Gorilla: they have scared both African explorers and the world's movie-goers for more than a century; Now, we go ape over them because it is really a gentle vegetarian after we spend a little quality time with them and stop making them up as monsters
  • Number 3 Vampire Bat: thanks to centuries of myth and superstition, many people think that a bat is attacking you when it flies past your head; Thanks to vampire legend,people think all bats are dangerous and never see the good things they do in the dark
  • Number 2 Piranha: little fish with big reputation; Their ferocity is world-renowned; Can thank Teddy Roosevelt; there is something more than a little fishy about their fiendish reputation
  • Number 1 Wolf: preying on our minds for generations, but we've been persecuting them for centuries because we are still scared of them but they aren't really that bad

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