• Number 10 Hognose Snake - acts tough in danger than fakes its own death if fails by rupturing it's mouths blood vessels and produces a foul stench and will return to life after the danger passes; just an amateur at playing dead
  • Number 9 Opossum - enters a voluntary coma for up to 6 hours to fool predators
  • Number 8 Tarantula - it can be turned into a paralyzed zombie for several days; can have a tarantula hawk sting it, drag it to its burrow, lay an egg on it, and let the larva eats and drinks the tarantula until it's husk will remain; stays alive but paralyzed
  • Number 7 Earthworm - still alive but virtually paralyzed; they can remain in suspended animation for several days; once they are bitten, there is no escape
  • Number 6 Ant - still alive but under the control of a parasite, called a liver fluke, lodged in its head; It can be told to hang onto the tips of grass for up to 8 weeks; Is controlled after is eats snail snot
  • Number 5 Bear - head underground during winter and enter a state of suspended animation for up to 6 months and won't eat, drink, or go to the toilet during that time
  • Number 4 Weta - when winter approaches, it freezes solid and all organ functions stop working; Can survive temperatures down to -10 degrees even when 82% of its body water is frozen for several months and simply comes back to life when the temperature rises
  • Number 3 Lungfish - digs down into the mud when it runs out of air and coats itself in mucus and waits out the drought; shuts down so many systems that it is virtually dead; can last up yo 4 years of drought
  • Number 2 Burrowing Frog - buried alive for seven years; wraps itself in a waterproof cocoon and lowers its metabolism by 90% but doesn't lose muscle mass or strength
  • Number 1 Water Bear - can survive the harshest conditions by basically curling up and die; Can lose 99% of its body water, retract all its legs, and become practically indestructible; Can survive in a state of suspended animation for a long, long time; Record is 120 years