Lion's are on 8 different episodes, and are #10 on Fighters, #10 on Dads, #5 on Killer Cats, #8 on Battle of the Sexes, #7 on Killers, #5 on Fashion Disasters, #6 on Workaholics, and #7 on Leaders. Males can sleep for up to 20 hours a day. It is the female that does most of the hunting. They mainly live off of up to 20 species of animal. However, when the males are awake, they often fight each other. When a male feels like his offspring are being threatened by an other male, he will fight that male off to protect his offspring. They also fight other males, to try to get a female. However, males also fight females. They are the only social cats in the world. They live in groups of up to 30 individuals. Males can hunt for them selves, but expects the females to hunt for them, and bring home the groceries. The male then gets first dibs on the antelope. Females are also more attracted to males with darker manes, no matter long the mane is. Although, this also makes the male hotter and attract more ticks. Lions and other big cats kill 80 people every year.