• Number 9 Hyena - take an average of up to 50 human lives every year
  • Number 8 Box Jellyfish- Estimated that 55 people die annually from jellyfish stings
  • Number 7 Tiger - every year, it kills at least 80 people
  • Number 6 Elephant - throwing their weight around, they kill an average of 300 people every year with the bulls having 80% of all deaths
  • Number 5 Scorpion - kills up to 1,000 people every year
  • Number 4 Crocodile - take an average of over 1,000 lives annually
  • Number 3 Killer Bee - their stings kill about 1,500 people around the world every year
  • Number 2 Snake - they kill an average of 40,000 people every year
  • Number 1 Mosquito - every year, females kill 2.7 million people

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