Jacana's are on 2 different episodes, and are #4 on Dads, and #6 on Body Parts. A female could come over, and completely kill all of his eggs. The father can yell all he wants, but their is nothing he could do about it. The female will peck his eggs to death. After murdering his children, the female will then want to mate with the male, and the male does mate with her. She will then lay the eggs for his male to raise. However, since the female has multiple males to mate with, the father never knows if he is raising his own eggs, or somebody else's eggs. They also have really big feet, that allows them to trot on lily pads. Their feet are 60% of their body length, which is like a human having a foot a meter long.

  • If following the countdown of extreme Dads, here is a link to the next contender, who love to have a frog in its throat.
  • If following the countdown of extreme Body Parts, the next contender has a claw so big, it will tear up all the record books.