House Cat

House Cats are on 3 different episodes, and are #1 on Killer Cats, #3 on Global Conquerors, and #6 on Psychics. They can crash and eat over a thousand species of animal. However, they rarely kill for food. One cat and her babies can make six hundred thousand off spring in a year. They are the only cats who hunt for fun. They have conquered the world, and now call the world its home. They've conquered the world, thanks to us willingly transporting them on ships, for their ability to kill rodents. They are also rumored to predict lightning. This is True... Partially. They lose electrons more easily, than most mammals, and can detect the build up of static electricity. This is both why storms make them nervous, and why they lick themselves.

  • If following the countdown of extreme Global Conquerors, the next contender has hitched a ride all over the planet and turned out to be a deadly enemy.
  • If following the countdown of extreme Psychics, here is a link to the next contender.