Great White

Great White Sharks are on 3 different episodes, and are #7 on Monster Myths, #10 on Killers, and #2 on Super Sharks. They are the most famous sharks in the world. They kill more people than any other shark on the planet. They kill about four people every year. Their enormous retina gives them the best color vision of any shark. They are also the only sharks to poke their head above the surface to see what is happening. They role their eyes in the back of their head. They can also detect the tiny bolts of electricity every time we move a muscle. They can feel and manipulate objects with its mouth. They are the most dangerous sharks in the world. They often spit out humans for being too bony, however one bite can leave a gaping hole in a human.

  • If following the countdown of extreme Monster Myths, the next contender has awesome strength just like this shark.
  • If following the countdown of extreme Killers, the next contender is no movie star, but its far more deadly thanks to its terrifying bite.
  • If following the countdown of extreme Super Sharks, the final contender is the strangest looking fish in the sea.