Elephants are ranked on 19 different episodes. They are #2 on Strength, #10 on Moms, #2 on Body Parts #4 on Stinkers, #5 on Super Senses, #6 on Battle of the Sexes, #10 on Big Mouths, #6 on Killers, #1 on Outrageous Flirts, #4 on Troublemakers, #1 on Hissy Fits, #10 on Divers, #6 on Loudmouths, #7 on Appendages, #10 on Animal Myths, #5 on Leaders, #5 on Medics, #5 on Gadgets, and #2 on Psychics. They are on Strength for obvious reasons, as they can left a tree right out the ground. They are on Moms because they stay pregnent for 22 months, and then giving birth to the largest land baby (which makes since, because they are the largest animal.), however though, they in proportion to mother size, a human baby is twice as big. They are on Body Parts for obvious reasons their trunks are really big in proportion to body size, however they are on appendages not because of the size of their trunks, but because of the weirdness of their trunks, as it serves as both a "hand" and a nose, and they according to Big Mouths their teeth are the size of a brick, but they are only #10 because their mouth is only 1% the size of their body, compared to a human which our mouth is 2% the size of our body. What many people do not know is that bull elephants become intoxicated and secrete a certain smell which is why they are on stinkers, and also this is the reason why they are on killers, Bull Elephants who are intoxicated are very dangerous, and end up killing 80% of the 300 people per year kill rate of that of an Elephant, which if you do the math that means that 240 people every year are killed by Bull Elephants. They are on Super Senses for using and detecting infer sound, and that is also why they are on Loud Mouths because 2/3rds of the sound they make are too high pitch for us to hear, which is also how they can predict tsunamis They are on Battle of the Sexes (winner Female), because the females and males fight a lot. They are on Outrageous Flirts for how violent they are at flirting. They are on Trouble Makers for destroying walls and eating peoples grain. They are #1 on Hissy Fits for having the worst temper tantrum of any animal, and are also one of the very few animals on the list who's temper tantrums aren't a "bluff". They are also on Divers, because according to that episode, Elephants are surprisingly good swimmers. They are on Animal Myths, Myth: Elephants have an amazing memory. Result: True. According to the episode a Mother and Daughter remember each other after being separated for 22 years, and also their intelligence means they are smart enough to not just use, but manipulate "tools", putting them on Gadgets. And finally they are on Leaders, because the male can lead up to 30 females in a group. And according to medics, they will travel 17 miles, just to find a certain plant, so they can give birth to healthier offspring. Females will use infer red sounds to attract all males within 250 kilometers. She is only in the mode to flirt for two weeks every four years. Every male then comes and tries to fight every other male to get the female. After the two weeks are up, the female should theoretically find the biggest, strongest male to raise her offspring.