Dogs are on 8 different episodes, and are #10 on Smarts, #4 on Biters, #10 on Stinkers, #7 on Super Senses, #3 on Defenders, #3 on Troublemakers, #5 on Animal Myths, and #5 on Psychics. Dogs have basic mathematical understanding. They can count how many things there are. They get his understanding from evolving from the wolf. Wolves need to know how many individuals are in the pack. They have amazing senses of smell. They are often used by the police to detect drugs in the ground. They can also hear sounds, and can smell things from inside the walls. They can hear leaking pipes, and cockroaches from inside the walls, thinks to their senses. They also like to roll around in bad smelling things. They can be good by defending your house hold from intruders, but can also be bad by getting into trouble. They also have a myth associated with them. Myth: You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Result: False... if long as you work at it. You actually can teach an old dog new tricks, by training them and giving them the right brain food.