Daredevils is the eleventh episode of season two

  • Number 10 Gecko: it can cling too surfaces to risky for any human climber
  • Number 9 Sloth: hanging upside down is perfectly normal to the sloth because its organs are in verdict; It's not easy being a daredevil when your world keeps crashing down around your ears
  • Number 8 Orangutan: it is not easy being this big this high; Takes extraordinary risks
  • Number 7 Flying Snake: can climb vertical surfaces by pushing against the rough edges and jump from the top of trees
  • Number 6 Eagle: it risks life and limb when it flies into the dense forest canopy in search of a meal and when the testosterone levels start surging
  • Number 5 Brown Pelican: dive from more than twice the height of an Olympic high diver and travel at 60 kilometers per hour
  • Number 4 Click Beetle: it endures more G-forces than any other animal on the planet and launches itself back into the air and onto its feet
  • Number 3 Weddell Seal: carry twice the amount of oxygen in humans than animals which means they can survive deep and cold waters
  • Number 2 Bharal: they are superb climbers thanks to their flexible hooves; It is still safer up on the cliffs than down on the flats where predators roam
  • Number 1 Barnacle Goose: pushed to its limit by its mother; It just steps off the cliff and falls with a 50% of walking away unharmed