• Number 10 Lion - he can lay around and dose for about 20 hours a day and gets no respect from his children but he takes looking after his family very seriously
  • Number 9 Antechinus - he is so busy making babies forgets to eat, drink, and sleep
  • Number 8 Jackal - if dad died, it's unlikely that the rest of the family would survive without his help
  • Number 7 Giant Water Bug - it can carry its babies on its back for an entire month
  • Number 6 Rhea - has a harem of five females and is left to raise the family when the females leave and takes his job very seriously for two months
  • Number 5 Stickleback - builds a love shack to attract as many females as possible to fertilize eggs; puts in extreme effort in caring for his babies
  • Number 4 Jacana - the male is a wimp; watches as the female smashes his family who he especially took care of and lets him know when she is the mood for love
  • Number 3 Darwin's Frog - eats the eggs so that can develop inside his mouth and protect them from predators
  • Number 2 Emperor Penguin - makes a nest form his feet to save his egg from freezing while the females leave for two months
  • Number 1 Seahorse - it's the male that gets pregnant to at most a thousand babies

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