Crocodiles are on 8 different episodes, and are #6 on Biters, #10 on Predators, #10 on Monster Myths (and also Alligator), #6 on Big Mouths, #4 on Killers, #10 on City Slickers, #9 on Animal Myths, and #10 on Gourmets. They bite down at 180 kilograms per square centimeter. They may have the brain the size of a waullnut, but they are incredibly smart. They stock their prey at the water's edge, and hold their breath for up to an hour. They have been rumored to live in sewers, and grow into giants, but in reality, sewers are too cold for these cold blooded reptiles. They also have a mouth that makes up 1/6 of their body length. They kill 1000 people annually. However, it's the Nile and Salt water crocodiles doing the killing. When their habitat over lapped the city, the crocodiles moved into the city in very small numbers. However, they did not have to change anything about how they lived to adapt to the city. They also have a myth associated with them. Myth: Crocodiles are crybabies. Result: True... partly. They can't chew their food, they have to swallow it whole. The throat glans are very close to their eye sockets, so the effort of swallowing forces tears in their eyes. So they really do have tears, but they are a reflex, not remorse. Also, the fact that they can't swallow their food whole, is why they do the death role, to rip their food apart.