• Number 10 Sloth - it is the world's least efficient cleaner; can scratch for less than a minute; attracted a lot of bugs thanks to its bathroom habits; turns it's fur green on purpose to avoid predators; the stains on it's fur can't be removed and a dip in the water changes little
  • Number 9 Fly - constantly scrub it's body using hairy brushes on it's legs because it doesn't want the remains of it's lunch clinging onto it's feet; constantly rub it's eyes to keep them clean; they can dislodge unsavory things when having a good clean
  • Number 8 Pig - they cover themselves in mud so they can remove it when it dries which cleans their skin and clears away any parasites because they can't reach their entire body for grooming
  • Number 7 Dung Beetle - they bury nearly one ton of dung per hector per year; female will regularly clean her young with antiseptic saliva and remove feces, fungi, and bacteria for two months; have been busily cleaning for a long time up to the time of dinosaurs;
  • Number 6 Oxpecker - peck at ticks at the bodies of thin at either thin-haired or thick-haired animals; use their flattened beaks to comb the hairs for ticks; a single one can 400 ticks a day; it also acts as a hairdresser by collecting loose hairs to collect back to it's nest for it's young; can pick at scabs so they can drink the blood directly which is suggested to be it's predominant energy source without having to clean the animal sometimes
  • Number 5 Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake - it ties itself in knots to keep itself clean and dislodge even the most persistent parasites
  • Number 4 Sponge - pump out water through their body to filter out food particles; keep themselves clean with chemical compounds that are collected when they filter sea water and modify them and turn them into highly toxic cleaning compound
  • Number 3 Ant - are in a constant battle to keep clean because they live underground in fungi infested caves; groom themselves more than any animal by constantly wiping down the armor of their exoskeleton; have a pair of glands that are loaded with remarkable cleaning fluids; can kill harmful yeast cells in ten minutes
  • Number 2 Cleaner Shrimp - so obsessive it will clean anything in it's tank; can clean around 50 fish in an hour and can remove 75% of the parasites of a surgeon fish in just 48 hours; can feed on parasites and dead tissue even in most ferocious mouths
  • Number 1 Japanese Macaque - cleaning is the social glue that binds the troop together as it serves as method of removing parasites and establishes hierarchy; cleaning is so important, they get a bit carried away, even cleaning a deer's fur; cleans their potatoes by wiping and washing them; also soak in a hot tub to relax