• Number 10 Fennec Fox - has enormous ears that act like satellite dishes, funneling the sound into its ear drums to target its prey and they work like the radiator in a car
  • Number 9 Platypus - its bill is packed with recepetors that can detect the tiny electric currents produced by bugs in the water
  • Number 8 Babirusa - the tusks keep on growing and can even grow right through their skulls
  • Number 7 Aye-Aye- it has frightening long finger that is used to drum up finger food by tapping its finger against the wood and its tunnels
  • Number 6 Jacana - has big feet used to run over floating vegetation
  • Number 5 Fiddler Crab - has a massively enlarged claw and it uses it to find a mate and wrestle other males
  • Number 4 Giant Anteater - has a long nose with great smell, powerful forearms and claws. Once its found a nest it uses its sticky, 60 centimeter long tongue to eat ants
  • Number 3 Giant Squid - has the largest eye on the planet with a 38 centimeter diameter and it comes in handy for hunting in the darkest parts of the ocean
  • Number 2 Elephant - nose is extremely versatile and extremely long; Can be controlled to be delicate or strong and can smell water 20 kilometers away
  • Number 1 Giraffe - long legs, enormous tongue, heavy heart, and longest neck in the world

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