Body Parts is the sixth episode of season two

  • 10. Fennec Fox, this type of fox has really big ears
  • 9. Platypus, they have a duckbill, and can detect tiny electrical movements in the water
  • 8. Babirusa, they have teeth that grows through their skull
  • 7. Aye-Aye, they have long fingers like a witch
  • 6. Jacana, they have really big feet, that allows them to walk on lilly pads on the water.
  • 5. Fiddler Crab, males have a really big arm that they use to attract females
  • 4. Giant Anteater, they have really long tongues that they use when eating ants and termites
  • 3. Giant Squid, they have an eye the size of a beach ball
  • 2. Elephant, they have really long trunks
  • 1. Giraffe, they have long necks, legs, and even tongues