Biters is the thirteenth episode of season one

  • Number 10 Mosquito - uses her proboscis to suck our blood; The proboscis is a combination of Swiss army knife, hypodermic needle, and vacuum cleaner; Her bite can be lethal
  • Number 9 Naked Mole Rat - needs a jaw dropping mass of muscle to tunnel
  • Number 8 Snake - bite delivers enough venom to kill 100 people or half a million mice
  • Number 7 Funnelweb Spider - fangs inject paralyzing venom deep into their prey and are strong enough to drive through a lizard's skull
  • Number 6 Crocodile - its jaws slam shut like a steel trap, powered by enormous muscles, its bite strength has measured at 200 kilograms per square centimeters
  • Number 5 Vampire Bat - have a numbing anesthetic in their saliva so that they can drink blood without waking the victim
  • Number 4 Dog - sometimes their bite is much worse than their bite; Nearly 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year; One in fifty chance of being bitten and those bites can be deadly; Have powerful jaws and teeth for tearing flesh and breaking bone
  • Number 3 Komodo Dragon - just one bite is enough to bring down an animal the size of a water buffalo; The meat it eats turns its saliva into a bacterial broth, with one bite being enough; Teeth are almost as deadly as the bacteria
  • Number 2 Hippopotamus - any trespasser will learn that the hippo is one treacherous mammal; Can open their jaw to 150 degrees and more than a meter wide and canines are long and razor sharp
  • Number 1 Cookie-Cutter Shark - has the largest teeth of any shark in the sea; Normally hunts whales