Birth is the forth episode of season one

  • Number 10 Tasmanian Devil - gives birth to 30 joeys no bigger than a grain of rice and must race each other to get to its four milk glands, However it's not easy for a helpless infant to find its way to the booby prize of life because the losers will get eaten
  • Number 9 Seahorse - female passes the eggs to the male so that he can nurture and incubate them for a month until he gives birth and the female can focus on making more eggs
  • Number 8 Kiwi - produces one of the largest eggs in the world and its reproduction is extremely difficult
  • Number 7 Rabbit - they are natural born breeders
  • Number 6 Whale - does everything on a big scale when it comes to breeding; Three tonnes at birth, but grows fast and weighs in at 26 tonnes in only one year
  • Number 5 Surinam Toad - birth is back-breaking work having to take care of 100 babies on your back
  • Number 4 Armadillo - can postpone pregnancy to avoid drought or food shortage and give her offspring a better way of life; Always gives birth to identical quadruplets of the same gender because the fertilized embryo splits into four before it grows
  • Number 3 Aphid - can give birth to up to 41 children in her lifetime but if her offspring survived, there would be 1,560,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 aphids by the end of the summer
  • Number 2 Termite - emits pheromones that suppresses her daughters' fertility leaving her the only female to lay lots of eggs; Could give birth every 15 seconds and have up to 30,000 babies a day
  • Number 1 Tapeworm - have more sexual organs than any other animal; Each segment is devoted to producing eggs and they have to be swallowed by another animal and be lucky enough to find a new home; Has incredible fertility