Bees are on 11 different episodes and are #3 on Horrors, #9 on Thinkers, #7 on Venom, #1 on Defenders, #3 on Killers, #7 on Global Conquerors, #2 on Hissy Fits, #1 on Workaholics, #1 on Gourmets, #2 on Leaders, and #8 on Dirty Jobs. They are on episode Horrors, because while one bee on its own is bad enough, we start getting scared when it comes to the swarm, it mentions how 20ish Queen bees accidentally got released, which is how they invaded 25 countries, including the United States causing mass hysteria and fear, and is why they are on the episode Global Conquerors. They kill more than 10 times as many people every year than Grizzles, Gators, and Spiders combine according to Killers, as according to Venom, it only takes about 100 bee stings to kill a human, and their sting is what made them number one on Defenders. They are also really easily upset, as not even lions are safe, ranking them high on Hissy Fits. They are also on Thinkers for their ability to use dance as a way of communication to where flowers are located. They also have to work 24 hours a day right from when they are born for their entire life which is why they are both number one on Workaholics, and the fact that they are making honey that entire time, also puts them number one on Gourmets by extension, as they work the hardest to make the food that they make, of all animals that make their food. Them making the honey includes using their saliva and ear wax, which is what put them on the list of Dirty Jobs.