Bears are on 9 different episodes, and are #7 on Horrors, #10 on Strength, #7 on Wild Partiers, #6 on Monster Myths, #7 on Troublemakers #3 on Hissy Fits, #5 Living Dead, #3 on Dieters, and #3 on Medics. They can stand 10 feet tall. One swipe of their mighty paw can easily kill us. Even baby bears are dangerous. They are the strongest animal in North America. They often lift large boulders to eat insects underneath them. When they hibernate, they can go seven months without eating. When they do eat, multiple bears get together to eat lots of Salmon going up the waterfall. They need to eat 20,000 calories a day before hibernation. They also cause half a million dollars of car destruction each year on cars, while searching for snacks. They break into cars to find snacks, even if the car only has empty soda cans, and empty bag of chips. They are also one of the only animals whose temper tantrums are not a bluff. The mother will chase after anything that threatens their babies.