• Number 10 Mammoth - it could have been 50% larger than it's relative, the modern elephant; have bigger and curvier tusks to scrap snow of their food, a 50 centimeter long fur coat to act as insulation, and ears smaller than a modern elephant; lived 10,000 years ago
  • Number 9 Haast's Eagle - 60% heavier than a Harpy Eagle with nearly a 3 meter wingspan and it's legs and talons were far stronger; ruled the skies 2,000 years ago; had no competition in New Zealand that it became so big that it terrorized Moa and humans
  • Number 8 Giant Ant - biggest ants in history thanks to a higher concentration of oxygen in the air; ganged up to overcome much bigger prey; swarmed across Europe 49 million years ago
  • Number 7 Megalodon - was 15 meters, weighed 50 tons, and has jaws two meters wide with teeth 17 centimeters long that can take Volkswagen sized bites out of large whales in it's time; lived 15 million years ago
  • Number 6 Sarcosuchus - ruled the waters of Sub-Saharan Africa; was as long as a city bus and ate dinosaurs for breakfast; could swallow an adult human whole; more than twice the size of the largest modern crocodile; has two meter long jaws studded with 100 teeth including enlarged incisors that crushed bones
  • Number 5 Saber-Toothed Cat - has 20 centimeter long canines, making them four times longer than the clouded leopard; relied on stealth to launch a deadly attack; use canines to stab or rip the soft tissues in the throat or stomach
  • Number 4 Diprotodon - disappeared 35,000 years ago after humans arrived in Australia
  • Number 3 Tyrannosaurus - once ruled America 70 million years ago but disappeared 5 million years later; 12 meters long and weighed up to 4,500 kilograms (almost 30 times the size of a komodo dragon); has jaws 10 times powerful than any living carnivore; skull has an over sized olfactory bulb; could be a hunter, scavenger, or both
  • Number 2 Terror Bird - 150 meters and can run twice as fast as any human; armed with 10 centimeter claws and 60 centimeter long head that was all beak; was one of the top predators of South America; it was over 300 times the size of it's modern descendant
  • Number 1 Megatherium - lived at the same time as the terror bird and smilodon 11,000 years ago; was 750 times the size of it's modern descendant, the South American three-toed sloth; stood nearly 6 meters tall and weighed as much as a mammoth; uses it's 50 centimeters claws to rip trees in half