• Number 10 Chameleon - has a tongue that can extend twice the length of its body and uses it to catch prey; elastic tongue accelerates to more than 20 kilometers an hour in over 20 milliseconds catapulting it when catching prey
  • Number 9 Snail - mouth has radula that acts a tongue and is pushed forward into the food to cut and scoop; can also make it become a predator
  • Number 8 Dragonfly - nymph's lower lip had become a harpoon as deadly as the chameleon's tongue and its eyes can clearly focus on the target and find the best place for the lower lip to strike thanks to hydraulic pressure and also uses it as an escape mechanism out its bottom
  • Number 7 Elephant - has a nose that can grow up to 2 meters long. that acts as a combination of the upper lip and Swiss army knife; both precise and powerful; can also act as a shower nozzle and snorkel all in one
  • Number 6 Star-Nosed Mole - has 22 finger-like projections on its snout covered in 25,00 touch receptors connected to nerve fibers running to its brain; 6 times more sensitive than a human hand; can determine is something is edible when it comes across a suitable prey
  • Number 5 Spider Monkey - has a long, strong tail that it has no trouble holding its full weight while hanging upside down thanks to its pad on its tip that helps it groove against the branches
  • Number 4 Lizard - can escape a predator by dropping its tail so it can sneak off; can voluntarily let go off without an appendage without slowing it down
  • Number 3 Nudibranch - has a back covered with weird growths; can bite off and swallow chunks of an anemone and its poison is transported into its appendages that can be fired like harpoons
  • Number 2 Mussel - has a fleshy lump of modified gills growing out from the female's lip that acts as a lure to attract fish so it can lay its babies in larger fish
  • Number 1 Anglerfish - uses its fins like legs and catches fish by using a flab of skin on a line to lure them in; has a fin that contains luminescent bacteria used to see in the dark; has lumps that were considered extra fins until it was discovered that those lumps were actually the males that degenerated into the female after giving her the ultimate lovebite